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Lets Take Your Marque to the Next Level

[ "Design is the Silent Ambassador of your Brand..."   Paul Rand ]

Whether you're just opening, or simply want to breathe some life into your establishment, you need vibrant, imaginative support products to let your guests know not just what you can offer, but who you are.
But you already know this, so why GastroRef?

Have you ever spoken to a designer & they just don't get it? They miss small details, don't know how restaurants & bars work. Beautiful designs, yes, but as useful as a manual ice-crusher.

At GastroRef, we've been there, seen it & worn the T-shirts. With a combined experience of over 50 years in bars and restaurants all over the world, we know what you want, what your personnel need and what your guests expect. With useful suggestions and innovative ideas, together we'll project your message through our designs for a fantastic customer experience.

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Flash-Code Menus

[ "Design is intelligence made visible..."  Alina Wheeler ]

Innovative and practical with limitless possibilities, linking to your menus and other information via a QR code is the future. Customised Codes reflect the colours of your brand, directing to your page without adverts with us at, your own website, or your Facebook page.
Save time cleaning regular menus after each visit, and save money by making changes at the click of a button; not a re-print. Any alterations you wish to make can be done without changing the QR Code itself. All changes will be visible immediately...

How Does It Work?

Try it... visit our fictional "Kokomo Bar" for a short ABCD menu.

Aim your phone's camera at the QR Code below and click the link.
Android users, go to camera settings and enable QR Scanner, or use your own
phone's browser (Samsung Internet etc).
If you're reading this on your phone, click/tap on the image.

✔   Customised Dynamic QR Code
✔   No Adverts
✔   Unlimited Scans
✔   Stickers and/or Posters
✔   Customised WebPage Inc. Hosting
✔   Animated Scroll or Swipe-Book Menus
✔   Unlimited Pages
✔   Realisation of Your Menu
✔   Menu French Translation
✔   Allergy Information
✔   Events & Promotional Info
✔   Maintenance & Modifications
✔   FaceBook Support

Interactive Menus

[ "Accessible design is good design...."  Steve Ballmer ]

Offer your guests a chance to interactively explore your menu with both suggestions and advice.

Do you have a nice, wide range of cocktails, whiskies, rums or wines ? Let people discover new choices by defining the criteria that interest them and your app will provide detailed recommendations. "You would like a rum cocktail with banana? Here are our drinks that correspond, oh and while you're here, they will pair well with these Tapas..."

European laws now dictate that information concerning 14 allergens must be made available to all customers. Why stop there? Really make your customers visit a fantastic experience by transforming this into a tool to suggest new products. As above, the client taps on the allergy or diet they would like to know more about and your page will guide them. If the dish is already appropriate, if changes can be made to make it so, or if they should perhaps reconsider their choice, they'll be given informed proposals.

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  Unique to Gastroref in Réunion 974 :

✔   Interactive Suggestions
✔   Interactive Alleren Info

Can I See It In Action?

Get in touch with us and we'll send you a link to the pages for the same Fictional "Kokomo Bar" as above. You'll be able to question it about their Cocktails for suggestions and Tapas for dietary advise...

Responsive Personnel App

[ "Design is the intermediary between information and understanding..."  Hans Hoffman ]

Are your guests being served different variations with each shift change? Are you losing money on over-pours? Not so with our app. Index-card recipes & fact sheets get obliterated in working conditions, they're also difficult to navigate.

On or off-line, your personnel can access all the information they need with clicks & swipes of a pad or their own phone. A fantastic reference tool to remember exactly how many Oz's of Rum in a Daiquiri, which sauce for the Albondigas, and which dishes to avoid for a client with nut allergies.

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✔   Off-line Install directly on your Pads
✔   Accessible on-line for staff phones
✔   Password Protection
✔   Up to date legality concerning Allergies
✔   Personalised for your brand
✔   Maintenance & Modifications

Can I See It Work?

Contact us and we'll provide you with a link to have a play around. You can test the apps Cocktail and Ingredients Knowledge, and all it knows about about allergies...

Old Skool Print

[ "Make it simple, but significant..."  Don Draper ]

Despite the huge advances in digital support, it's important to provide quality printed support that remains constant with the theme of your brand. Used in alliance with your social media, QR codes and webpages it creates a formidable promotional tool to interact with your guests. Let people know not just what you can offer today, but links to what they can look forward to in the future.

From creation to the finished, printed product, Gastroref will work alongside you to provide distinctive and imaginative communications for your guests.

✔   Bar & Restaurant Menus
✔   Snack Bar Menus
✔   Hotel Information Brochures
✔   Promotional Information
✔   Sandwich & Black Boards
✔   Loyalty Cards & Customised Stamps
✔   Business Cards
✔   Flyers & Posters
✔   Personalised Health, Safety & Legal      Notices

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